Individual Account
  Individual Account
Have you been in any of those situations as shown above or in a fix that required better business writing? Before you read on how editmymail can help you to change these situations, we believe that you understand the importance of learning and improving your business writing skill.
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At editmymail we enable people to learn to write business English in a secure non threatening environment. You don’t have to set aside separate time or place out side your work station. You don’t have to wait to learn before you send a professional mail. Our editors will give you the ready-to-send edited draft and the corrections to learn. Click here to see the Demo.

What is an Individual Account?

An Individual Account is a single user account aimed at working professionals and owners of small businesses who want to improve their business writing skills. Based on their writing habits we have devised four types of plans as below:

This is a limited plan for those who want to test the waters before they take the plunge. This has limitations in terms of number of edit requests and validity period. The nature of the writing habits of this user is similar to the one mentioned in SU75. Please refer SU75 for more details.

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